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A Chamber Music Sight-Reading Workshop

Date June 17-21, 2024
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Music and Motion

At First Sight believes strongly in the connection between the body and musicianship. Many musical skills can be learned away from the instrument.  In Music and Motion we explore ways to put music into the body.  Tossing scarves to each other in rhythm and on cue, bouncing balls in time with the music, help make rhythm real.  Stepping, skipping, and marching to the style and tempo of the music; clapping, listening, call and response, passing a pattern in tempo–– these are all ways put music into a young person’s large motor skills. 

Besides the learning, music games are fun, and a great break from the fine motor skills required to play an instrument.

Music and Motion is based on the combined works of Dalcroze, Kodaly and Michiko Yurko, with many other influences, and continues to be one of the most enjoyed offerings of At First Sight

Musician's Body Awareness

Playing injuries are a very real concern when playing music for hours on end, as we do at AFS, and musicians of all ages need to learn how to prepare their bodies for the demands of instrumental playing.  At First Sight provides twice-daily sessions to learn stretches and warm-ups specific to string playing.  At First Sight is committed to guiding students in healthy, as well as beautiful, music-making. 

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