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Of all the educational possibilities At First Sight offers, the most important is the connection between gift and Giver. Every musician is given the ability to create beauty. At First Sight reminds the student of the Source of that ability, the responsibility connected with it, and the opportunities it brings to touch others in a unique and meaningful way.


At First Sight strengthens the personal relationship with God through singing and inspirational thoughts during Descant, the morning meeting. Group singing connects music with the soul and spirit, in a non-technique-oriented way.  Faculty present personal experiences and insights to inspire the young musicians in their spiritual growth.


With the gift of music comes both the responsibility to improve the gift and to share it.  AFS focuses on the connection between Gift and Giver. By sharing their gift through performances for the underprivileged and elderly, students improve their abilities and bless those around them. Many of these members of society rarely see children, and they truly appreciate the music which our students share with them. Our students, in turn, find themselves blessed by reaching out to others in a tangible way, using the gift they have spent the last several days developing.

Boys singing hymns
Advanced Orchestra in nursing home