AFS 2021 is going to happen!

While last year's virtual camp was SO much better than no camp at all, we need to see you face to face, and make music in the same room again.  And we have good news. . . .Southern Adventist University IS welcoming us back on campus this summer!  It will be SO good to see you all again.   Please register, and let us know you're planning to attend.

A Chamber Music Experience for Advanced

and Intermediate String Players

Chamber Music for Younger Players


At First Sight is a chamber music workshop for young musicians.  At AFS, students improve SIGHT-READING, develop MUSICIANSHIP, and learn to connect music with the One who gave us the gift of music, by SERVICE to others.


At First Sight is:


  • four days of chamber music with lots of repertoire, both for sight-reading and for study.  AFS also includes concerts and a string orchestra.
  • for advanced and intermediate string students, typically ages 13-18
  • led by excellent coaches and teachers from all over the nation
  • a positive, non-competitive environment, where all are encouraged and included.
  • an opportunity to sit beside teachers, staff, and other students and make music together.


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InSight is the junior division of At First Sight. It meets at the same time as AFS, in the same facility, and some activities overlap with AFS.


InSight is:


  • a chamber music and ensemble workshop for young students. InSight helps young students learn to SIGHT-READ, develop MUSICIANSHIP appropriate to their level, and respond to the Giver through SERVICE TO OTHERS.
  • four days of ensembles, skills classes, guided sight-reading, and music and movement sessions.
  • for young students who know how to read music, but aren’t ready to hold their own part alone, typically ages 8-12
  • a great place for students to find musical friends


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CONTACT US • AT FIRST SIGHT, P. O. Box 498, Collegedale, TN 37315 • Phone: 970-324-0837