Monday, June 22 through Friday morning, June 26

At First Sight is going virtual! Since we can't meet each other in person, we'll meet over Zoom, and use this time to dig deeper into chamber pieces than ever before.  We'd love to have you explore with us!


Virtual At First Sight 2020 is open to any string student who can already read music, and includes these activities:


  • Chamber music: dig deep into a different piece every day.  We'll introduce you to the piece, give you practice time and guided sectionals on a specific movement, and then we'll read the whole piece at. . .
  • HausMusik: sight-read classic chamber works with guides.
  • Descant: Hymn singing and exploration
  • Musician's Body Awareness / Teacher Ellen's Playground: stretching and technique nuggets
  • Virtual Practice Parties
  • Orchestra: prepare and record a piece for a virtual orchestra video.  Rehearsals and sectionals online, music in advance.
  • Community Service: Video for broadcast in area nursing homes: orchestra pieces, and possibly some chamber groups


While Virtual AFS involves a lot of online time, some of it is pre-recorded, so you can watch it on your own time.  And there are a number of breaks built in, to relieve our eyes!  Some activities, like the practice parties, are on-Zoom time, but not really engaged with the screen.  Please see the schedule grid for specific times.


Schedules:  Below is a typical daily schedule. Intermediate and Advanced begin at 9:30. Everyone is on by 10:30 for Descant.


9:30 - Orchestra for Intermediate and Advanced groups

10:30 - Descant for everyone

11:15 - Musician's Body Awareness

11:30 - Insight Group Class - Everyone else Chamber Intro

12:15 to 1:45 - Lunch Break

1:45 - Teacher Ellen's Playground

2:00 - InSight Group Class - Everyone else Chamber Music Sectional

3:00 - Virtual Practice Party - not required but open to all students

4:15 - Music Classes/Games (optional)

4:45 to 6:15 - Supper Break

6:15 - Musician's Body Awareness

6:30 - Junior HausMusik (for InSight and all levels)

7:00 - Virtual HausMusik (for Int/Adv)


To view and download a PDF of the complete schedule, please click the following link: Schedule


Tuition: Instead of charging a set tuition this year, we ask that you donate what you feel AFS is worth, as you are able.  Your financial support now will ensure that At First Sight can continue in future years.


You can participate in Virtual AFS 2020, even if you can't donate anything.  The generous participants of Chamber Music Weekend have stepped up to make Virtual At First Sight 2020 possible for any student who wants to participate.


Donations may be made (1) through PayPal using the link on this page, or (2) by sending a check to At First Sight, P. O. Box 498, Collegedale, TN 37315.


Registration: Once you register, we'll send you more specific information and the pieces we'll be studying.  Below is the registration link:

Tuition Donation:

CONTACT US • AT FIRST SIGHT, P. O. Box 498, Collegedale, TN 37315 • Phone: 970-324-0837