OutLook Scholarship


Developing a caring spirit is part of developing a beautiful soul, so necessary to making truly beautiful music.   So we encourage our students to care for their communities, and to give of their time and efforts to better the world around them.


At First Sight values the generosity of its students, in giving their time and service to others.  Whether performing at a local nursing home, cleaning up roadways, reading to shut-ins, tutoring, or helping people rebuild their lives after a devastating tornado, our students have already given many hours of service to their hometowns.


AFS believes strongly enough in the value of community service, that we will award scholarship money only to those who have first given of themselves. OutLook community service is prerequisite for scholarship application.


OutLook Scholarship:

There are a limited number of OutLook Scholarships available to both AFS and InSight students. Outlook Scholarships granted range from $25 to $100 per student.  Exact amounts will be determined by the AFS director and board, based on community service completed, and on actual financial need.


Any student requesting scholarship funds must submit, by May 14, 2021:


  1. AFS application form (or register on-line)
  2. $50 tuition deposit
  3. OutLook Scholarship form (available below).  Pictures, newspaper clippings, or other media regarding the community service may be submitted.
  4. Letter from the student, requesting scholarship, explaining why you want to attend AFS, and why you should be considered for award.
  5. Letter from the parent regarding financial need.


Scholarship applications received without parent/student letters may not be considered for award.


OutLook submission requirements:


  • the student receives no pay for the service rendered
  • the service is not for a member of the student’s immediate family
  • the service rendered must involve at least 4 hours, preferably more.
  • the service event must be documented, and signed by both a parent and a non-related adult (teacher, pastor, group leader, etc.)

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